Why blame the pitches when it makes for such interesting contests?

Mumbai Indians v Kolkata Knight Riders

Pitch Pitch Pitch.

A real headache for the Aussies? Or for the Indians?

On a pitch which was rated as “Very Poor” by the ICC, whose day one was assumed as a day eight wicket by the great Shane Warne, visiting skipper Steven Smith scored a century on third.

The unforgettable Bangalore Test which remained a golden one in the eyes of Indians, saw two 90+ scores and two 60+ scores but was still rated as “below average” by the ICC.

Have the debate on pitches these days become mandatory? Everybody is coming up with some comments and the Clash Of Fans is underway on social media.

But should we, as cricket fanatics, really need to bother about the pitch?

Hear Shruti Chopra & Suneer Chowdhary preview the third India-Australia Test here

Just a day or two before a match or two, journalists upload a photo of the wicket on to the social media and the debate begins. Even if the pitch is producing results, even if it is giving us the real feel of what Test cricket actually is, some folks feel honoured to blame the pitch for their team’s defeat.

Two days from a game and people come up with assumptions.

“This match will end in three days.”

“Look at the pitch, it looks like it’s a tailor made for Ashwin.”

Come on now. What we need is just a “Test Cricket Pitch” which should relish us the traditional form of cricket.

It’s really disappointing to hear people blaming the Bengaluru wicket for Australia’s defeat.

An invincible team is the one which performs exceptionally well on any kind of pitch no matter whether it’s assumed to be day eight or day 10 pitch.

When the Indians tour Australia they get fast tracks, so why can’t the Australians get rank turners? Doesn’t break any ICC rule.

What’s the use of home conditions then? When you tour to a specific part of the world, you need to adjust to their conditions. Do the Indians complain about green tops which they get when they tour England or about bouncy tracks when they tour to South Africa? Don’t think so.

Then why do the Aussie fans have problems?

Last year when England toured India, they got some rank turners as well as some flat tracks. The thing which highlighted that tour was the application and character which the English batsmen showed towards Indian spinners. In this aspect some Australian batsmen have been found lacking to an extent.

From a fan’s point of view, I think these all debates are the ones which spoil the “Spirit Of Cricket”. It’s always better if one accept one’s faults and they try to correct them rather than blaming the pitches.

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