We talk cricket because that’s what we do best.

We love the game that caters to almost every kind of audience. You could be a Test match lover, an ODI devotee or a Twenty20 gorger, or a combination of that but the fact is cricket has something in it for everyone.

And that’s what we love about it.

We started out as a YouTube channel where we uploaded cricket videos and cricket podcasts early in 2016 and slowly have moved on to this website. This gives us the freedom to experiment with the kind of content we can put up – cricket video isn’t the only medium we are looking at after all!

So who are ‘we’?

Suneer Chowdhary is a freelance cricket blogger and analyses cricket games for a living, Shruti Chopra is a professional Tarot reader who loves cricket and has combined those two interests together.

On occasions we analyse, preview & predict cricket matches, whether Tests, ODIs, T20Is or domestic games. On others, it’s a more of a friendly banter while there other times when Shruti uses her cards to provide a clairvoyant view of the game.

We would love for you to follow our cricket stuff, watch our videos and read our opinions, and would be more than happy to receive your comments and feedback. Most importantly, we would love to keep in touch with a discussion on cricket.

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