IPL 10 – Match 22 Kings XI Punjab v Mumbai Indians Prediction

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It’s Kings XI Punjab v Mumbai Indians on 20th April – Shruti takes a look into her cards for this game. You can read her prediction below, or listen to her here:

Mumbai are away from the comforts of a home ground, but will that make a difference to how they perform? Well, probably, but before we look into Mumbai, I’ll begin with the home team – Kings XI Punjab.

They’re a side that should show some improvement with their batting and bowling disciplines for this game. In fact we should initially see a good partnership with the bat – but that may only be upto a point, as towards the end, the batting may begin to stagnate. Bowling does step up a notch and does fairly well but then, towards the end, they could feel the pressure and give it away.

As for the Mumbai Indians, they appear to be trying too hard to achieve a high score and invariably falling short – they’ll need to be very careful with how they pace their innings. On the other hand, the bowlers show good presence but they will need to understand how and when to add variation.

Punjab are in general improved but still patchy. Mumbai may not look so great with the bat, but they will make it up with the ball. It’s tarot advantage: Mumbai Indians.

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