IPL 10 – Match 48 Sunrisers Hyderabad v Mumbai Indians Prediction

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Sunrisers Hyderabad v Mumbai Indians. With Mumbai having already qualified, it’s Hyderabad sitting on 13 points that will be most eager for this win. Shruti is set with her prediction, have a listen to her podcast or read on instead.

The one area where we should see good team contribution is in Hyderabad’s batting – it seems less dependent on one player doing well. Where they could be most disappointed is their bowling which does not seem to have the right aggressive and calculative intent. Another issue could be their fielding – more so in the latter end of the innings.

Mumbai may take some time to adjust in both their batting and bowling – it actually seems as if they do this deliberately. They don’t wish to be complacent with how they have gone this season and therefore end up taking it slow. The danger here could be that curbing natural instincts could mean that they may not appear so free flowing. Nevertheless, Mumbai should impress in all areas of the game, but maybe not with their fielding in the middle overs.

I wouldn’t write Hyderabad off so easily, and I do expect this to be a tough encounter for both teams. As for tarot advantage (which hasn’t gone too well these last few games) is Mumbai Indians.

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