IPL 10 – Qualifier 2 Mumbai Indians v Kolkata Knight Riders Prediction

Mumbai Indians v Kolkata Knight Riders

Mumbai Indians v Kolkata Knight Riders come head-to-head in the second qualifier of IPL 10. Shruti Chopra is set with her prediction and perspective on this game that’s to be played at the M. Chinnaswamy stadium tonight. Listen to her podcast here, or read on to know more…

What I always find interesting is the mental state an individual or a team is in. Mumbai are here after a loss, so they seem a little on the defensive to begin with and as they get into the game, they should be well oiled. Whereas, Kolkata are here after a win on this very ground, so they already feel comfortable, this game may just feel like an extension to the previous one, which then means, they should be on the money from the get-go.

We all understand momentums within a game can change within an over or it could be that one ball and somehow I believe that’s what may happen today too. Mumbai will certainly take time to settle themselves considering they may have a tough decision at hand with their playing combinations, but once they are on the field and they soak in the atmosphere they should be fine. Kolkata may seem to go the opposite way, from feeling balanced, aggressive and confident, they may start to seem edgy and apprehensive. A lot of this could be down to their batting – there could just be a slight mental block after their last two games displayed a batting approach that wasn’t too sensible.

When we look at the bowling, Mumbai do a good job to mix things up – they seem to be able to switch between bowlers with ease, whereas, although Kolkata may not have as many options, they adjust themselves well especially as Mumbai’s batting displays the right sensibility through a well paced innings. Just one other thing, fielding from both teams may not be upto scratch – so that could be a worry for fans of both sides.

I believe my tarot advantage won’t be a surprise to many, so I’ll let that be and let you all decipher the winner from what I have said. Hopefully the rains will stay away since this could end up altering things.

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