USA to Co-Host 2018 Women’s World T20?

November 2018 will see the Women’s World T20 Cup take place, which could be co-hosted by the United States and West Indies.

Although nothing has been finalised yet with the designated hosts Cricket West Indies (CWI), reports suggest that Farsi Gorsi, the ICC Americas development manager seems more than hopeful of the opportunity to host some matches at the Lauderhill ground in Florida.

The chief executive of CWI, Johnny Grave appeared keen too.

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Gorsi did go on to say that this is some thing they were “looking to do for sure”, especially as there is a lack of women’s cricket and although there is a USA team, the need to develop cricket still exists, “so having women’s cricket (event) featuring here as co-hosts would be massive kudos for ICC Americas and also for cricket in general for women.

She went on to say that this stage for women’s cricket needs to be utilised, “from what the girls did at Lord’s, over in the US so the whole of the Americas can see that it is possible.”

Speaking of obstacles, Gorsi didn’t see any. What does work in America and the Lauderhill ground’s favour is that they have already hosted some Caribbean Premier league matches in the last two years as well as two T20 internationals that took place between West indies and India in front of packed crowds.

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Grave, who was present at a Caribbean Premier League game being held in Florida last weekend did seem positive at such a prospect.

With Florida not being too far off from the Caribbean Sea, “It could be the perfect timing for a new association in the USA to really kick-start cricket in the USA”.

Although this hasn’t been officially spoken about, but he will be keeping an open mind for it.

West Indies hope to host the 23 World T20 games across three nations. Late September should see Cricket West Indies receive bids from interested territories.

What must be added here is the that after a USACA, the former governing body for cricket in the US was expelled from the ICC in June, it is now the ICC who are temporary custodians of American cricket.

They need to officially sanction matches in the country, therefore, their support will play an important role to host the Women’s T20 World Cup.

Currently, the US women’s team are currently in Scotland, playing in the regional World T20 qualifiers.

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