World T20 2016 Diaries – “How much Paneer is enough Paneer?”

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How much Paneer is enough Paneer? Since the time I land in Nagpur, Paneer has formed my staple and had it not rhymed with my name, might also have formed my middle name.

Like on the night I reach Nagpur, I ordered room service. Paneer Chilli.

Next day, match day, lunch and dinner, Shaahi Paneer and Paneer Makhani.

And then there are the other variations, Methi Paneer, Kadhai Paneer, and so on.

Making it worse is that every meal in the press box serves Paneer. How does one resist?

This is the sixth night here, and I think I must have exhausted a third of the Paneer available in the region.

If Paneer had even an iota of dope in it, I would have ODed by now.

My post-mortem would have revealed a crushed white, rubber-like material run through my veins and deposits of the same would have been found in the inner lining of my intestines.

Collect the vapours of my sneezes and there will be goblets with Paneer floating in them found under the microscope.

I think I am done with it. I have been exploited by Paneer, emotionally blackmailed by it into having it.

I need to take a stand.

In fact we, all of us, collectively need to take one.

Speaking of which, I also remember Scotland captain Preson Mommsen taking a stand in his post-match interview today.

Mommsen, who usually is stone-faced during most of his post-match conferences, broke into a slight smile at the mention of their first win in World Cup cricket since 1999. It’s a momentous occasion for the country despite it having come against Hong Kong and not a bigger nation.

However that smile quickly vanishes when the name of Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle crops up in the PC.

To give you a background, earlier in the day Bhogle had chipped in to the debate around the lack of cricket for Associate nations with a plausibly strange tweet:

An incensed Mommsen had replied back. So did a few other Scottish, Dutch and Irish players. Harsha clarified what he actually meant in a longer post on FB and admitted he made a mistake by putting it up on Twitter first.

So back to the press conference and when someone asks Mommsen what he thinks of Harsha’s tweet, that fleeting smile he has, vanishes.

The Scottish captain says Bhogle’s tweet deeply offend him.

He adds, “He was trying to be over-philosophical about things, and I think other cricketers around the world have been offended by that. I don’t want to make this about that. We have exchanged messages and I think he’s trying to say that he was implying something else. I’m not sure how much I buy that though.”

Only a couple of days earlier, Mommsen had hit another one outside the fence by answering a scribe’s question with, “So, what we are playing right now, are not qualifiers again?”

This was in reference to the first round matches that only eight of the 16 teams have had to play.

Earlier, Afghanistan become the first team from the first round matches to ‘qualify’ for round two and they do it by easily brushing Zimbabwe aside.

Celebrations are in order and Afghan skipper Asghar Stanikzai admits despite this being the third time they made it through to the main round of a World T20, this is the most special.

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