World T20 2016 Diaries – Philosophising for Strangers & Feeling Old

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It’s often asked what’s one’s reason for existence. I am no philosopher but I would be lying if this thought never passed through my mind before.

Why I start with a line like that is because it turns out to be an interesting day in terms of action off the field. Action not involving cricket.

Two different people, unknown to each other, have a chat with me today at different times and the conversation on both occasions veers down to their partners and how they are going through a tough phase in their relationship.

So why is that interesting?

Because I don’t think I can call myself a close friend to either.

One, I haven’t ever met, the other, was a fellow scribe from overseas and we had been acquainted less than five days ago.

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This scribe, incidentally, also asks me whether I have considered a career in counselling and no, I am not one to dole out any advice unless very specifically asked for.

I don’t like advice when not asked, and don’t like to dish it out either, so the ‘career in counselling’ bit was even more surprising.

As I get back into my room later that night, I wonder if being an ear to others is what my purpose is. One to think for the future.

Apart from this, it’s also a day well-spent in that I speak, exclusively if I may add, to a Hong Kong cricketer of Indian origin, and it’s interesting to hear from him how he’s looking to juggle his school and professional cricket together.

Not the easiest thing to do.

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And I am surprised I haven’t mentioned this before but my hotel has a strange system for keys.

My key, it’s one that you swipe in front of the door, doesn’t work when I return back at night. Happened the first night and I get it changed, but when it happened again I questioned the staff.

Their response was, “Sir, the key needs to be charged.”

I am yet to get my head around why does a key need to get charged, and what kind of charge are they talking about anyway.

Is it an electric one? Or are they inserting some ‘talk-time’ into it?

When I ask the reason, they say, “It gets discharged”. Sure, mate.

If I had more time I would have researched on this but this can wait.

Have seen some strange things in my short travelling life but this one has to come close to taking the cake. Oh wait, there was another.

Bathroom’s in some of the houses I stayed in Australia not having locks or latches was one other cake-taker – I mean I am not a great singer and to do that over the few minutes of your shower to avoid getting rudely interrupted wasn’t really my cup of tea.

Speaking of cakes and tea, I need to finish this off quickly and get to my desserts too.

On the field, Ireland and Netherlands have their matches rained off at Dharamsala. What that means is both teams miss out on a chance of qualifying for the next round of the tournament after just “three hours of cricket” as the Dutch captain Peter Borren describes it.

Ireland, to be fair, have looked below-par in the tournament, which is surprising given they were one of the first Associates to get going as a force to contend.

Also have the opportunity to talk with Hong Kong’s Anshuman Rath and the big takeaway from that interview is when he talks about his future plans.

“I will return and complete my schooling.”

I feel old.

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